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Our Process


While every project and situation is unique, we typically follow these steps to guide you through your home construction or renovation project:

1. Initial Phone Consultation – After you express interest in Phoenix Renovations for your project, we schedule a phone consultation with the appropriate contractor. This consultation is for you to tell us about your ideas and project goals and ask questions. We will also provide guidance on next steps, connect you with an architect (if necessary), and determine if the project will be a good fit.

2. Meeting and Site Visit – After the Initial Consultation, we will come to your home for a face-to-face meeting and site visit. This meeting is a more in-depth discussion of project goals and scope, review of the existing conditions of your home, review of architectural plans, discussion of the project’s feasibility, ballpark pricing and timeline, and discussion of our process and next steps.

3. Preliminary Project Proposal – Based on our meeting and site visit, a pricing set of plans (preliminary plans drawn by the architect), possibly a second site visit with some of our key subcontractors, and initial expectation of home finishes, we will create a Preliminary Project Proposal for your review.

4. Meeting for Review of Preliminary Project Proposal – After giving you a few days to review the proposal yourself, we schedule another meeting to review it with you to answer questions and discuss changes.

5. Final Revisions to Plans, Project Selections, and Financing – During this phase, you will work with the architect to finalize the architectural plans for the project, and we will connect you with local vendors to select home finishes. This will also be the time to get your project financing in place (if applicable).

6. Construction-ready or Permit Set of Plans – Once this final set of plans has been produced by the architect, we will finalize most aspects of the project.

7. Final Project Plan and Agreement – We will develop your Final Project Scope and Pricing, Services Agreement, and Project Finance Plan based on the Permit Set of Plans and your selections.

8. Permitting – Once all planning for the project is complete, we will obtain the Building Permit and any other necessary permits from the appropriate local government office.

9. Construction – During the construction phase, we will communicate regularly with you on your project’s progress and guide you through any remaining decisions.

10. Certificate of Occupancy – Once all work is complete and inspections have passed, we will obtain your Certificate of Occupancy from the city. Once it is issued, you can begin enjoying your new space!


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